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The police found a quantity of erection pills in two shops in Antwerp-North. They were illegally sold under the counter.

The Stuivenberg district team checked eight shops in the area together with customs on Friday. “Attributes were sold in three stores to use drugs,” says police spokesman Wouter Bruyns. “Those items have been confiscated.”

Police found drugs used for erectile dysfunction under the counter in two stores. “They are not allowed to be sold in regular shops, so they have been confiscated,” explains Bruyns. It concerned rather limited quantities of the drugs.

During one of the checks in a shop, a man was found who still had a five-year driving ban to his name and had yet to be served. Drugs that may have been intended for sale were also found in the area. “The necessary official reports have been drawn up for all infringements,” concludes Bruyns. sare

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