Shortage of skilled workers: Now the apprentices are also running out

In addition, and this is enormously important from his point of view, he has made training in his company a matter for the boss. “We also have external trainers, but I am convinced that every apprentice company needs a person who takes on the training of the next generation. In my opinion, it doesn’t work any other way today. “

Empty apprenticeship market during Corona

The situation on the apprenticeship market is difficult not only for the techno wood carpentry business. Other companies can hardly fill their vacancies with applicants either. In October a year ago, the situation was completely different.

At that time, Helmut Mahringer, economist at the economic research institute, spoke in the KURIER interview of “clogged gates” for those young people who “want to venture into the apprenticeship or the job market”.

In September 2020, a total of 61,097 young people under the age of 25 were either unemployed (35,612), in training (25,485) or looking for an apprenticeship (8,406). The apprenticeship market was swept empty.

Fewer school dropouts

The uncertain career prospects meant that fewer young people generally opted for an apprenticeship. In the crisis year, most of them went to school, the drop-out rate – which usually helps many companies to find new apprentices – dropped.

The apprenticeship market has now recovered, says Alfred Freundlinger, apprentice expert at the Chamber of Commerce. The number of new apprentices in the current year is increasing again: “The decline in August 2020 has fallen to 0.7 percent compared to the same month last year,” says Freundlinger, referring to the current figures. A total of 28,697 young people are currently in their first year of training, including those in inter-company apprenticeships, there are 31,630.

The economy is also picking up again, the order books are well filled. Nevertheless, the good mood is clouded by a well-known phenomenon: the offspring is missing.

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