Jonatan was arrested in the act after killing a stranger with a knife in 2019 (Photo: Publicity/Civil Police)
Jonatan was arrested in the act after killing a stranger with a knife in 2019 (Photo: Publicity/Civil Police)

Jonatan Wesley Borges da Silva, 20 years old, known as “Biro do Midwest”, died at Santa Casa de Campo Grande about six hours after being shot in the neighborhood of the same name, in the early hours of this Monday (22 ).

The Military Police was called around 2:45 am on Rua Marajoara. There, they found the young man on the sidewalk already losing consciousness. The Fire Department arrived soon after and managed to revive the victim, taking her to Santa Casa.

Witnesses told police that a man on foot wearing a mask arrived and fired shots at Jonatan hitting him in the abdomen and left arm.

According to the hospital, Jonatan was admitted at 3:47 am and was intubated and sedated in serious condition. In recovery after undergoing surgery, the state of health evolved to a cardiorespiratory arrest, when the victim did not resist and died at 9:30 am.

Historical– Jonatan has several years in the police for drug trafficking, illegal possession of weapons, contempt, robbery and domestic violence. When he was a teenager, he was hospitalized several times in mUnei (Inpatient Educational Unit).

In October 2019, Jonatan killed 35-year-old Rodrigo Medeiros de Freitas with a knife. The crime took place at dawn on the 30th in Jardim Campo Nobre. Two days later, he was arrested in the act while hiding in the home of a family member in the Midwest.

To the police, he confessed that he killed so as not to die and that he did not regret the fact. He said he was walking down Luiz Chinablia Street when he found Rodrigo, probably under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Both did not know each other, but faced each other. Rodrigo would have said: You’re angry, you’re angry, you’re angry.” Jonatan replied that he didn’t want “bullshit”.

Also in the report to the police, he said that Rodrigo started throwing stones at him and even tried to grab him by the neck, but managed to dodge, pulled out a knife and hit him in the belly and neck region. Then he released the victim who staggered away. Then he ran away and threw the knife away.

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