Should we stop communicating new cases of Covid-19?  Italy wonders

As everywhere, the Omicron variant has exploded the number of new contaminations in Italy. However, at a time when a large part of these cases are asymptomatic, does communicating these figures still make sense? And what about those hospitalized “with”, but not “because of” the Covid? The debate rages on.

On the other side of the Alps, the declarations of Matteo Bassetti, director of the infectious disease department of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, went like a bomb.

On Tuesday January 11, this doctor accustomed to Italian television sets said the following, reports the Roman daily The Republic :

What does it mean to say that we have 250,000 positive people? It is necessary to specify whether they are symptomatic or not, whether they are in the hospital or at home. We should put an end to this daily count which only serves to increase anxiety. A year ago, that made sense, but today, with 90% of the population vaccinated… ”

In addition, the scientist also spoke against “The test factory” what has become of Italy. It would be preferable, for Bassetti, to test only symptomatic people so as not to risk “Block the country”.

Neither once nor two, Health Under-Secretary Andrea Costa followed suit, saying that for him, too, the daily count is “useless”, car “The number of contaminations given by itself tells us nothing”.

“Epidemiological illiteracy”

More broadly, Bassetti’s position has divided the world


Beniamino Morante

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