Silvio Romero scored 51 goals for Independiente and was the captain of the team.  Photo: Marcelo Carroll

Independiente is the only Primera club that has not yet been strengthened in this transfer market. And, to top it all, this Thursday Eduardo Domínguez learned that he was left without the team’s captain and scorer: Silvio Romero will continue his career at Fortaleza in Brazil.

“We need goals”The brand new red coach had been clear in his presentation last week. Domínguez arrived and inside made it clear that it was necessary to add a nine from the area and support Chino Romero, with whom he had an individual talk.

Your orders for now are very far from being orders. Not only is there no striker close to getting there; but it escapes the only heavyweight in the area he had on campus, in addition to being a benchmark in the locker room.

Silvio Romero scored 51 goals for Independiente and was the captain of the team. Photo: Marcelo Carroll

From the 33-year-old forward’s environment they confirmed to Clarion that his departure is a fact. And the Northern Brazilian club has already activated ingenious clues on its networks to announce the good news to its torcedores. Through his Twitter account, Fortaleza uploaded a video for fans to guess the name of a Brazilian street named after the Cordovan attacker. The first to answer correctly would get a T-shirt.

At the moment there are no further details about the conditions of your pass. As this media learned, the Chino He would leave in a loan condition for a season with a charge and a purchase option that would be mandatory according to objectives. The amounts for now did not transcend. In addition, the Brazilians would in turn take over a three-month debt that in Avellaneda they maintained with him.

Romero was acquired for $ 4 million by the Diablo to America from Mexico. He had serious problems to finish paying his token, but he finally did. Not so with Cecilio Domínguez’s pass, by which the Mexican entity made a new claim whose recent ruling was once again favorable to America for a total amount of $ 5,550,000.

The Chino leaves Independiente with very good numbers personally: in total he scored 51 goals in 128 games. One of those goals was the one he did in Japan in 2018 to win the Suruga Bank.

Ceará was another team interested in him, but he redirected his sights towards Emmanuel gigliotti, who is in Mexico with the pass in his possession. Fortaleza has been negotiating for Romero for a week and this Thursday he completed his arrival.

Now Domínguez loses a starting piece that has no replacement in the current squad. Yes or yes, he will ask that they sharpen the search for another nine, but the situation is not promising: the leadership has to pay almost 1.2 million dollars of inhibitions to qualify the incorporations it makes.

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