Simaria vents about mental health: ‘Fame is treacherous’

The singer Simaria made a real outburst during a lecture at the invitation of the UN, this Tuesday (8), the day on which International Women’s Day is celebrated. On the occasion, Simone Mendes’ former duo spoke about mental health and the pitfalls caused by fame.

“Take care of your mind, take care of yourself and stay close to people who love you. If you are in need of help, look for the free program by calling 188 [número do Centro de Valorização da Vida]”he said.

“Everybody thinks that an artist doesn’t have pain, doesn’t cry, doesn’t suffer, doesn’t feel. And we feel, we cry, we suffer. Because usually success goes to your head and you get a little crazy, it’s not even success, it’s fame. Fame is treacherous, you can even sleep with it, but you can’t marry fame.”she pointed out.

She also spoke about the importance of therapy and explained that she still uses medication today: “To this day I do therapy, I use my doctors when necessary… I have something inside of me that is my thought, if you are not fine, if you are not well, you need to seek help. We need to stop thinking that psychiatrists and psychologists are for crazy people, as they used to say back there. There are still people who think like that, it is necessary to break this taboo”.


In a recent interview, Simone opened up about the disagreement she had with her sister. “We spoke later, but there was a day when I sent her a message and she didn’t answer me anymore. My door is always open, she is the love of my life, my sister. We solve our things at home, because we are family. We fight and fight for each other. I will always defend her”started.

Even after the fight, Simone revealed that she did not stop defending her sister: “If I am with Simaria and something happens, we can fight, but no one can speak ill of her”.

“She is happy, and I am also happy with my work. We are like that, each one living happily in the way she thinks best”concluded Simone.

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