Simone Mendes and Kaká Diniz celebrate 10 years of marriage

Singer Simone Mendes and businessman Kaká Diniz complete 10 years of marriage this Thursday (9). On social media, the artist’s husband melted into a statement for her.

Simone and Kaká are the parents of Henry, 9, and Zaya, 2. In the statement, he highlighted the good times with his beloved and praised her qualities.

“How good it is to love you! Today we complete 10 years of marriage; or we can say 3650 days; or we can say 87,600 hours together; or I can also say 5,256,000 minutes together. It doesn’t matter what nomenclature you use, it doesn’t matter the amount in general, but the complicity experienced every second that passed. It is not the amount lived, but the intensity of each day, ”she wrote.

“I say YES for exactly 10 years every day when I wake up. I say YES to respect, honor and care for you. I say YES to our happiness, to our family. I say YES to deciding to complete your happiness daily. I say YES to you once again, Simone! You introduced me to someone who would change my story completely: JESUS! You made me a better man, a better father, a better human being”, continued Simone’s husband.

“How good it is to go back to where we know someone is waiting for us. How good! I love you today much more than yesterday, tomorrow, if God allows us, much more than today! Thank you for being so perfect in your imperfections. I love you, Simone,” he added.

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