Simone Mendes displays a big body when posing in a tight dress at a party

The singer Simone Mendes, who forms the successful country duo with his sister, simaria, has undergone a transformation recently when losing a few pounds. On social media, she showed a little of the result this week when coming up with a party dress.

In the very short caption of the post, the artist explained that she was attending a friends’ wedding. Almost a million people liked the publication, which still yielded many comments full of praise and affectionate messages left by admirers and friends. “Always beautiful”, he said Gil Mendes. “How beautiful it is”, praised the influencer Renata Banhara. Deolane Calf also reacted to the publication and left several emojis in heart shape.

See Simone Mendes’ post on social media:

The death of Marília Mendonça

the singer’s death Marília Mendonça caught attention earlier this month and generated a strong national commotion. A few days after the news was released, a fan wanted to know how Simone Mendes was dealing with the loss, since she was a friend of Marília. “Has your opinion already fallen on the death of the queen of the sertanejo, Marília Mendonça?“, wanted to know the Internet.

Simone said that, until that day, she still couldn’t believe in the early departure of the Queen of Suffering. She was just 26 years old. “For me, not yet. As if it were… it looks like she’s here. I do not know“, vented the famous woman, who commented in the sequence that she thinks that life is always a great miracle. “The fact of waking up well and in good health, of several escapes, of the road, of things that have already happened to us. There’s a lot of stories to tell”, said the artist.

Simone even talked about returning to work with Simaria. “We return to the stage on December 11th. My husband is going to speak tomorrow and I came to accompany him, after all, he has been to my show so many times, now I am going to accompany him”, stated Mendes, who was in Maceió.


Shortly after Marília Mendonça’s departure, Simone let out her feelings on social media. She said it was being difficult to move forward after the loss. Dejected and wearing dark glasses, she shared the pain with her fans.

The day begins… It needs to move on, we need to keep doing what God has called us to do. I confess to you that I am still very sad. It’s not easy“, said the sertaneja.

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