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The family of a man killed during a police intervention in a supermarket on October 6 in Rochester, in the north of the state of New York (USA), demanded justice after the dissemination on Wednesday of images of what happened by the authorities.

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Two videos were recorded by body cameras of the police called that night for a robbery complaint, and one of them is that of the agent who shot at Simran Gordon, 24 years old.

In the first video, the policeman enters the store, draws the gun and asks the man to take his hands out of his pockets. The policeman approaches and insists. Gordon tries to flee through the corridors, chased by the policeman. When it reaches it, the image is degraded because the agent is unbalanced. Several shots are heard nearby.

“Drop the gun, drop the gun!” the policeman yells at a Gordon on the ground, obviously wounded by a gunshot.

In the other video, a police officer walks down another hallway and kneels at Gordon’s head level as he is on the ground, groaning.

With his foot he seems to remove an object from his hand, before saying: “I have it”.

The Attorney General of the State of New York, Letitia James, assured on Wednesday that this diffusion “it does not (constitute) the expression of an opinion as to the guilt or innocence of any of the parties ”.

The police of Rochester had released a subtitled version of the videos Tuesday, claiming Gordon was armed and fired the first shot.

But several members of the Gordon family assured local media that they do not believe in this version. “It was not an exchange of gunfire. It was not a shooting. It was a homicide, plain and simple “, Simran’s uncle, Lyndon Gordon, assured several local networks.

Contacted by AFP, the family’s lawyer, Yousef Taha, affirmed that the dissemination of the images leaves “more questions than answers.”

“We ask the attorney general’s office to carry out a full and transparent investigation into his death (…) We will continue to demand justice for Simran and his family.”added.

Rochester was the scene of demonstrations in 2020 after the death of Daniel Prude, another black man who died after a violent police intervention.

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