Sinaloa: Man is treated after being deprived of his liberty, attacked and abandoned in subdivision

Culiacan.- A man entangled in black rubber was located by the authorities in a subdivision in Culiacan.

The events were recorded on Mar del Timón avenue and Islas Bermudas street, in the Prados del Sur subdivision, when the elements performed a routine tour.

According to the medium Northeast, the elements checked the bags and realized that it was a man and that he still had vital signs.

After being transferred by Red Cross paramedics to a hospital, the man identified himself as Pedro, 36 years old.

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Pedro was kidnapped and physically assaulted in Sinaloa

Pedro was allegedly doing his masonry work in the colony Pine Laurels when an armed group deprived him of his freedom.

The attackers beat him and caused him stab wounds of approximately 15 to 20 centimeters.

After thinking that Pedro had died, the assailants entangled him in the rubber bands and taped him up and then abandoned him in the subdivision.

The State Preventive Police reported that it is investigating the case, meanwhile, the man remains in hospital in serious condition.

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