Singapore banned unvaccinated people from cafes and shopping malls

On Wednesday, new restrictions on citizens unvaccinated against coronavirus came into force in Singapore. According to the authorities, the tightening of measures is aimed “at protecting those who have not been vaccinated, as well as reducing the burden on the health care system.”

According to a government decree, from October 13, only those who have completed a full course of vaccination can visit shopping centers, tourist sites, and amusement parks. In addition, unvaccinated citizens can only buy takeaway food in public catering (previously they were allowed to visit food courts located on the streets), writes TASS.

Since August 10, when 80% of Singapore’s residents were vaccinated, the authorities have begun the so-called preparatory stage of life with COVID-19, when the coronavirus from a pandemic becomes endemic. Many socio-economic restrictions have been lifted. After that, the increase in infected people increased from 20-30 people to 3 thousand per day.

However, the government emphasizes that they do not intend to return the lockdown, instead they will be limited to targeted measures.

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