Singer from São Paulo Brina Costa presents a show at Teatro Gamboa

The singer from São Paulo Brina Costa presents an intimate and welcoming show where the songs communicate and move people this Sunday (26), at 5 pm, at Teatro Gamboa, at Largo dos Aflitos in Salvador.

“A dive into themes of the self, of being, of existing, in that space time that crushes us. Outside the word reaches the stage materializing this delicate, deep sound experience with moments of great intensity. When words are not able to express what one feels, the space between them is contemplated, silence is present and in this space there is an opportunity to feel, reflect, become”, explains Brina.

The songs by the artist from São Paulo speak of love, politics and the feminine present in the daily lives of those who pass by. Throughout her twenty-year career, she has developed many partnerships in São Paulo, producing soundtracks for theater shows and short films. After moving to Rio de Janeiro, she experienced the local scene more intensely. In 2022, Brina Costa released a series of releases, ending with her newest album “Fora da Palavra”.

The show features musical direction and guitars by Paulo Mutti, Mário Soares on violin, Ítalo Nogueira on cello, Gonçalves on bass, Lorena Martins on drums and the participation of singer Vagaluzia and Banda Marulhos.


Show Fora da Palavra – Brina Costa
February 26th (Sunday) at 5pm
Tickets: 30.00 full and 15.00 half (purchase can be made via WhatsApp from Teatro Gamboa 71 98631-3925 or on the spot)

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