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The project “Quarter Louis” – the first in the country alternative to boarding schools and nursing homes, where people with disabilities are given a chance to live like everyone else, has a premiere again. A year ago, the Novye Berega art estate near the village of Bogoslovka near Penza became a residential area for special people. An inclusive training and wellness center is now open here. Why do they go there from all over the country, how to compete there, and why locals like to go there, the “RG” correspondent went to understand.

Painting with teeth

Artist Natasha Shindina from Yekaterinburg draws with her teeth. At her master classes in Novye Bereg, there is a full house after a full house. Today the kids from the “Social Shelter for Children and Adolescents” of the Kamensk District are lovingly making holes in the canvas with their eyes. Rumors that Natasha teaches life with her teeth, no one leaves her master classes without a personal masterpiece and faith in herself, she also reached it. But she shyly waves it off.

– Will you draw? – hand stretches out a brush and intercepts my glance at her hands. – I had two operations last year. Bad, but I move them.

With her hands she fixes the brush in her teeth. The silence rings so that you can hear the orange paint creeping along the paper next to the boy. Natasha, with a brush in her mouth, straightens the childish gnarled watercolor and orange gives light.

– Tobot! – The boy’s eyes burn in the pollitsa. – That’s what I wanted.

And Natasha’s already from another smear breathe paper cornflowers at the quiet girl next to her. She also looks into the artist’s mouth. Nobody understands how you can paint pictures with your teeth. Then Natasha admits that she does not know how to answer these questions. And when children ask – “it flies from the tongue.”

– We are how we resist – like an experienced psychologist, the artist supports a girl from the neighboring village of Bogoslovka. The girl came by herself. From the street. Beregov has no barrier, guards and fences. There is a position: in the art estate, a mini-farm, a cafe, an inclusive temple, an open-air playground, schools of painting and tie-dye painting, now here is a rehabilitation and health complex with a swimming pool, spa and fitness room adapted for people with disabilities, but open to everyone. So Sonya Tikhomirova from Bogoslovka came to draw, and she sits and stares at a blank sheet of paper.

It happens that people freak out. We went to a restaurant, and they were offered to eat with their hands. “Won’t you poison us?” – Directly asked by local men

“I didn’t know how to eat when I was little,” Natasha says quietly to her. I lie, cry, nothing to take. I wanted to die. The cat Muska did not give. She drilled her eyes and lapped me. Like, look. I began to lap. I got a taste, and I dreamed how I was drawing. I told my teacher Alexandra Sergeevna Dyakova, she is kind, she taught me to read. She carried me out into the street, put me on the grass. I rolled on my stomach, took a stick in my teeth and scribbled, scribbled. I wanted chamomile, but they were not contagious. That’s how you … trembled. On another sheet.

The girl seemed to thaw out, put something on paper. “Here,” Natasha smiled with her, “you need to take the brushes when your soul asks …”

Put everyone in their place

In “Novye Bereg” everything is like that – through mastery to craft and skill. Anyone how it goes. But this is a condition for the life of an art estate – you can settle here with your own creative project. Any. Like the same Natasha Shindina, who moved here from the Yekaterinburg boarding house “Seven Keys” to teach people about painting. Or designer Yana Yamaletdinova came from Ufa to teach those who wish the mastery of the tie-dye technique – to paint ordinary things into exclusive ones, be it a T-shirt, socks, a vase of flowers or a curtain.

– Well, ask your questions. – Bristly Yana, with dreadlocks on her head and piercings in her nose, sits in a wheelchair. She doesn’t walk. – Everyone wants to know how much I earn. In a month up to 30, if you’re lucky, then 40-50 thousand rubles turns out. Still, they think that we shouldn’t work, but guys with mental disabilities shouldn’t. I have physical ones.

Out of surprise, I don’t have time to explain to her that I don’t ask such questions. I know that everyone who leads their creative laboratory projects is paid as a scholarship. Everything is fair. I want to tell Yana that this is the meaning and conquest of the project, but I drop the vase of flowers. I’m going for a mop, and Yana is right there. Itself dashingly wipes up the spilled water.

“Oh, you’re doing it.” She glanced at the T-shirt, which I paint in the green of summer, as she taught. – Just add olives and a pinch of ocher. It will be sunny …

“Yana is like that,” Maria Lvova-Belova, the founder of “Quarter Louis”, will say about her later, “she will put everyone in their place. Designer-teacher. I thought, “Who would speak.” This is Maria Lvova-Belova, the founder of the “Quarter Louis”, the youngest senator of the Federation Council and just a mother of many children set a bar in the art estate, which sifts husks in everyone like a sieve and leaves grains. Not only is it that under the conditions of Novye Beregi, only those who have their own business for no more than five years can live and work here, but then residents also go home to implement their project among other disabled people. Therefore, the blind Evgeny Busygin from the Penza region did not even dream of living in a cottage, overlooking the rehabilitation and health center, where he is now … a motivational trainer.

“Do you wanna be a restaurant coach waiter in the dark”? Maria Alekseevna offered me, – Zhenya recalls. – Who doesn’t want to break out of a nursing home at twenty-odd years? I blurted out: “Yes.” I myself think: “And what do they eat it with?”

He leads me into a cellar-black room. “Put your hand on your shoulder,” he soothes, “sit down on a chair. Have you groped for a fork and a knife? The salad is in front of you.” Tasty, but I can’t understand – what? Moreover, the pieces of what seems to be a salted donut do not obey, fall back into the plate.

– And you with your hands, – prompted Zhenya.

With my hands, I immediately understood: what I took for donuts were breaded onion rings. This, I boast to myself, is shrewdness. Or survival. What the rest I ate, I can not understand.

– What’s that? – Zhenya supports. – It happens that people freak out. We went to a restaurant, and they were offered to eat with their hands. “Won’t you poison us?” – Local men from Bogoslovka asked directly. Came out, saw onion rings, avocado and cucumber. They laughed: “No, well, you can’t torture ordinary people like that. Look, you will lose weight forever …”

Inclusive Skolkovo

Here are just “our Masha”, as residents of “Novy Bereg” call Maria Lvova-Belova, cannot be stopped. Next to the Lunch in the Dark restaurant are the wellness spas, which are also open to all. Veronika Silvanovich is swimming in the pool with classmates from Bogoslovka. The girl is 12 years old, she underwent an unsuccessful operation as a baby, and since then she moves only in a wheelchair. She is kept in the pool with a life jacket and a lift chair. In them, she is, as in water, at home.

“The first time,” she chokes, either from words or from joy, “in the pool.

Her mother, Tatyana Silvanovich, cannot believe her eyes. A year ago, the family lived in a taiga village in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Veronica remotely clutched at life – she sat on the couch, looked at the tablet, if she was catching the Internet. The local school was not close, there is no ramp, the teacher came when he could.

– She went out, – my mother’s eyes shine, as if it was she who swam in the pool for the first time in her life. – After 22 operations my husband and I made a strong-willed decision: “Enough!” Because of the hospitals, the child had no childhood, and she never went. Here, my husband also has neuralgia and a second group of disabilities. Veronica in a wheelchair. In the evenings I read an akathist to the miracle worker Spyridon of Trimyphus. At this time she did not answer the phone. And suddenly a letter from the fund, where Veronica was observed, came to the e-mail, as my heart skipped a beat. They called me to New Shores. I executed myself. And I broke away from the akathist, and we do not pass according to the conditions – what is such a “project” for a sick child at the age of 12? Maria Alekseevna called herself. “We will come up with a project,” he says, “do you work in the garden?”

So the Silvanovich family applied to open a greenhouse and a farm in the art estate. Selected. Goats, chickens, their own garden, cucumber tomatoes – everything grows and grazes for local residents and art cafes. Tatyana Silvanovich is also the headman of the church of the holy martyrs Elizabeth and Alexandra, opened in the estate, where the locals reached out, her husband works as a driver, and Veronika went to school in Bogoslovka. There, after the opening of the art estate, ramps were made.

– Veronica is a star, – the fitness instructor of the center Valery Turulin raises her from the pool, – sings, plays sledge hockey (sleigh hockey – V.E.), was at a sports training camp.

– I am the right forward, – Veronica manages to insert. And Turulin, an assistant sledge hockey coach and a recent graduate of the Mokshan orphanage, cannot be stopped. “In the sledzhe hands work, hit them, and push off, – he clearly shows everything. – To begin with, I learned myself, completed the certification course, I go to Penza to the arena, I help to train the guys, here is Veronica.” He also has a hobby – weightlifting. “The maximum I have is up to 120 kg in the bench press, 180 in the deadlift and up to 125 in the squat,” the guy jumps from topic to topic. To him, as to master classes for Natasha Shindina and Yana Yamaletdinova, there is also a line, only from local boys who want to do weightlifting.

– How’s the queue? – Valera clarifies. – Someone comes, someone leaves. There is a turnover. You have to be stubborn in order to pull the iron. It’s like her, like inclusion. I also did not immediately realize that this was a redevelopment of life for the needs of everyone. But not everyone wants to strain.

Valery Turulin is an unusual guy with a mental disability. And he is one of 18 people who passed the competition for the project of the educational campus, where the inhabitants of Novy Beregs began to learn new professions for the center – an inclusive guide, motivational trainer, waiter, administrator and manager of social projects.

“With the opening of the Novye Berega rehabilitation, recreation and training centers, this is Skolkovo for people with disabilities,” says Maria Lvova-Belova. “This is our accelerator program, a chance for children to live independently and teach others to live like this. Of course, I know that not everyone will leave. Yes, they have housing in their cities, but not everywhere there are conditions for a special life. Someone will stay with us. So it should be so. I don’t know how yet, but we will help someone with buying a home next to us, someone with a job with us. Let’s break through …

She is silent about her ambitions: she is negotiating the opening of Kvartal Louis branches throughout the country – in the Crimea, the North-West and the Volga. “Do not name the city”, – asks, – you never know … “

The power of thought

I immediately remembered Natasha Shindina’s reaction to the fact that her paintings are bought faster than she writes.

– Somehow they called me Natalya Valerievna, I have a cold on my skin … – She fell silent after these words, probably to feel herself like her. Then she spoke as if out of place. – In the orphanage, I, yes, all of us, in every nanny, saw a mother, reached out to them like kittens, if only they would nip them, take them home, and warm them up. Anything happened, could and for the scruff of the neck … And then suddenly, albeit through pictures, I myself in the role of mother. Who gave me this power and thoughts?

Natasha is silent. With his eyes and hand he points to the silhouette of a fragile woman outside the window. Masha Lvova-Belova, wearing tall stilettos and wearing a red dress, flies along the central street of Beregov like a beacon on the waves. Together we look at her through the eyes of the artist Shindina: “We are all fighting for life, who can. I’ll buy a car, an apartment, but I remember something else. I’m my dad. How he, a lumberjack, went into the taiga and could not tear himself away from me … Mom, she is spinning around, circling around me like a bird. They overstrained, they handed me over to the orphanage … And the Lord endowed Mary with a rare gift – the talent to love and give strength. lungs of air. I went and bought myself ice cream. I sat down with friends by the fire. Masha, she is like the back of her hand. As of course, she regains faith in herself. “

Natalya Valerievna pulls out a canvas with wet paints from behind a curbstone.

– “See the sea” is called, – she says.

Its sea is what everyone carries in themselves – blue with spray bleached with salt. And she knows that it is near. You just have to overcome something again. Itself will figure out what.

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