“Sky High – The Series”: Trailer and start date for the series adaptation

What is Sky High The Series about?

A phone call in the middle of the night changes Sole’s life completely: Ángel, her husband and leader of a gang of gangsters (the same one from the original film) is dead. Become a young widow overnight, Sole has to support herself and her son and many who are in trouble manage companies. However, she is not ready to be taken back under the wing of her father Rogelio, who is one of Madrid’s biggest fences.

Determined to build a life of her own, Sole finds new allies to help her unravel the mystery of the many deaths that plague her past. She gets in contact with her husband’s gang of thieves, gains their trust and soon they are undertaking the same ambitious raids as in the old days. But neither the police nor the various mafia organizations she has to deal with will make her way to the heaven of success easy…

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