"Small versus large": Helene Fischer makes (almost) no friends with her TV appearance

You can never please some Internet users as a celebrity – as pop star Helene Fischer is now experiencing first-hand. The music icon is currently expecting her first child. Fischer actually wanted to keep the pregnancy to himself. At the beginning of October, she announced rather unwillingly that she and her boyfriend Thomas Seitel would become parents after the tabloids had already spread unauthorized baby rumors, citing the singer’s environment.

Helene Fischer over-present on TV?

Fischer now sees no reason to hide her growing baby bump. But on the contrary. After participating in “Wetten, dass ..?” and in the show “An Evening in Rush”, the pregnant pop singer completed another TV appearance this month on Saturday at “Klein gegen Groß”. But instead of being happy that they finally got to see their idol more often again, numerous viewers accused the musician of putting herself in the limelight.

After a longer creative break, Helene Fischer reported back in October with her new album “Rausch”. And for this, of course – pregnant or not – the drum is being promoted.

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