Apple has launched digital ID and driver's licenses.  They work similarly to Apple Pay

Smart phone instead of ID card. We may see what they are working on in the world of large companies such as Apple, Google and others, but in our own submission. The server came with the information Daily following the newly published Program Statement of the Government of the Czech Republic.

In it, the government explicitly states that it will abolish the obligation to carry ID cards and documents as soon as possible (by 2023 at the latest) if the state can verify them in other ways as well. The so-called eDokladovka, ie a new application connected to state systems, compatible with EU electronic documents, is intended for this purpose. It should be available for both smartphones and smart watches.

Citizen on a mobile phone or in a watch

Thanks to it, users would no longer have to have any documents with them, but it would always be enough to verify the QR code in this application. The government has tested the fact that the QR code verification system works in recent months thanks to the Dot application, which is used to store electronic certificates of vaccination against Covid-19.

As Ondřej Profant, the Pirates’ expert guarantor for the field of informatics, stated for the Deník server, thanks to the similarity of the planned system with Tečka, the implementation could take place soon, as according to him it will be technically very simple. Other documents, such as a driver’s license, can be stored in the same way within eDokladovka.

However, plastic cards do not just disappear. Although the state will really be able to launch an electronic document system next year, converting documents into this form will only be voluntary. Older or conservative users will be able to prove their identity as before. According to Profant, the main thing will be to focus on bringing the new solution of the document system into line with the rest of the European Union.

In addition, the government has set itself the goal of putting in place a system that will warn citizens in good time about the expiration of all ID cards, certificates, decisions and other documents. It is also an appeal that all websites of state institutions for the public be clear and easy to use. The new Citizen’s Portal, for example, is cited as a model.

Google has a new API for storing Covid Passes on Android:

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