In Córdoba, a car dealership was seriously damaged by the force of the wind.

The alert for “strong winds that could reach 70 kilometers / hour” that the National Weather Service gave this Thursday, October 14, was already felt in every window of the City of Buenos Aires and its surroundings, while the clouds ran rapidly through the sky and the posts were multiplied in networks giving accounts of damages in different places by the same phenomenon, which according to the SMN will run until Friday.

The sunny morning of this Thursday began to be forgotten in the middle of the afternoon, when gradually the winds began to grow, until reaching a marked intensity near dusk.

The SMN indicated in its “early warning” system that in the warning area “there will be winds from the southern sector with speeds between 35 and 55 km / h, but with gusts that can exceed 70 km / h “.

The specialists highlighted that the area of ​​COrdoba, Santiago del Estero and part of Santa Fe are at risk of suffering the strongest winds, since there the gusts could reach 80 km / h “:

The alert reaches CABA, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, La Rioja, San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis, La Pampa, Entre Ríos, Santa Fe, Corrientes and Santiago del Estero.

In the morning a special warning had also been given for the Buenos Aires coast, warning about the force that the wind could reach in General Pueyrredón (Mar del Plata), General Alvarado (Miramar), Mar Chiquita, Villa Gesell, Pinamar, La Costa, Balcarce and Tandil.

In Córdoba, a car dealership was seriously damaged by the force of the wind. (Photo: Capture TN)

The “yellow” alert reached the districts of Tandil and Balcarce, and the coastal districts of San Cayetano, Mar del Plata, Mar Chiquita, Pinamar, Villa Gesell, Miramar and La Costa, which covers 13 seaside towns, states that “the area will be affected by southerly winds of between 35 and 55 km / h, and gusts that can reach 70 km / h “. The winds will be accompanied in the afternoon with isolated storms and, towards the night, rains are expected, the SMN reported.

Meanwhile, from Córdoba he was aware of a Thursday afternoon when the winds caused heavy damage, falling trees, blowing up roofs and numerous inconveniences in various areas of the province. In the Mediterranean capital neighbors reported falling trees, some on vehicles, and even signs were detached from the public thoroughfare.

In the southern province, the greatest inconveniences were recorded in Villa Rumipal, Reservoir and La Cruz, while in Río Cuarto, the wind also caused damage. In the Villa Dalcar neighborhood, residents reported falling trees from the storm that started after noon.

And news of damage also came from Jujuy, in several towns in the eastern province, where the bad weather conditions were already beginning on Wednesday afternoon, causing flooding in several towns. Among the affected cities are Santa Clara, Rodeito, Arroyo Colorado, San Juan de Dios, El Acheral and Lobatón.

In this regard, the Emergency Coordinator, General Commissioner Francisco Guanuco said that “the assistance tasks were related to the fall of trees, power lines and the blasting of sheet metal roofs in several homes.” After the passage of the south wind and the drop in temperatures, it was expected that by the night of this Thursday the weather conditions will begin to improve.


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