Twitter users who mentioned the smoke registered in the City.  (Capture: Twitter)

The extreme heat of Friday had a special seasoning: the smoke by the fire in a large area of ​​grassland in Canning that spread throughout the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires and reached the City of Buenos Aires. The phenomena began to occur on Tuesday, but became more intense on Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning, complicating visibility.

Why the smoke invaded Buenos Aires

As the National Meteorological Service (SMN) had announced, at night it was going to increase the intensity of the wind. That happened, but it brought with it the smoke derived from the burning of grasslands that was registered in the Buenos Aires town.

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In these last hours, after the heat record, the residents of the City warned that the sky was gray, covered with a great smoke, which caused visibility problems. On Twitter, users expressed their concern about its origin.

Twitter users who mentioned the smoke registered in the City. (Capture: Twitter)

Finally, the wind that increased its intensity late at night carried with it the smoke caused by the burning grasslands in Canning. Many people woke up to the intense smell of burning that invaded their homes.

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There were also some who shared some humor about it.

Smoke was added to the heat in Buenos Aires due to the burning of grasslands in Canning

The causes of the fire in Canning

Official sources reported that the fire that started this week was generated by three climatic factors that are lived throughout the region due to the heat wave: the combination of the high temperatures, the hot winds and the lack of moisture what is currently in that area.

The closest to the AMBA is the one that occurred on Friday near a gated community in the Buenos Aires town of Canning, belonging to the Ezeiza district, where three fire crews had to intervene.

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