"Sneakers, sneakers enter the museum", an exhibition event

NOTICE TO SNEAKER FANS. Until July 25, 2022, the Musée de l’Homme in Paris presents “Sneakers, sneakers enter the museum”.

Sneakerheads, this exhibition is for you! Until July 25, 2022, the Museum of human in Paris invites visitors to discover an entire exhibition devoted to basketball. Entitled “Sneakers, sneakers enter the museum“, she looks back on the history of this famous shoe. Using posters, collectibles, archival images and other audiovisual documents, the exhibition draws the contours of a shoe first reserved for the courts. sport. Then adopted by the leading figures of the hip-hop movement (dancers, DJs, graffiti artists, rappers) and their fans in the 80’s in the United States, basketball has become over the years completely mainstream. And now makes the butter of fashion brands, luxury homes understood, who all release their version of the sneaker.

A didactic exhibition

The hallmark of basketball? Her rubber sole, a material already prized by the Aztecs and Mayans, which makes its owner very silent. And give this shoe its name, sneaker, from the English verb to sneak, which means to sneak. In addition to dwelling on its semantic origins, the exhibition “Sneakers, sneakers enter the museum“examines the production methods, industrial, of this shoe supposed to be comfortable for the greatest number. 70 pairs of sneakers, real collector’s items, to please the eyes.

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