So it won't work again with the crocodile fillet

Your columnist was able to learn a lot this week. It was mostly about pigs. He has always been a great friend of the pig, primarily because of the roast, the cracklings and the excellent schnitzel – which he admits finds tastier than veal. It was new to him that the animals had recently started to function as, to put it bluntly, a place to store spare parts for people. In the USA – we reported – a pig heart was transplanted.

That prompts you to rethink. Giving away your own organ donor could prove to be relatively short-sighted in an emergency. Thailand would be a good example. There, more and more people are switching to crocodiles. Mainly because of the lower prices, but also because crocodile fillets are extremely healthy. Low in fat, full of protein. They taste like chicken, but can be enjoyed medium rare.

Your columnist abruptly canceled the online ordering process (1 kilo of frozen crocodile fillet is available for 50 euros, delivered within one day) when he remembered a letter to the editor he had received. It said he should present regional, seasonal dishes more often. Crocodile just doesn’t meet both requirements.
So to wrap up today, your columnist reveals the recipe for his favorite soup, which goes perfectly with the low temperatures and is wonderfully warming from the inside out. The main ingredient is cabbage. It can hardly be more seasonal. A large, finely diced onion with – pigs please stop listening! – 100 g Speck Sauté in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. leaves of a half cabbage roll Cut into bite-sized pieces and sauté briefly.

With a shot White wine delete (alternatively: Lemon juice for the acid), briefly reduce with 2 l Beef soup infuse Simmer for a few minutes, the cabbage should remain al dente. Add salt, pepper and two pinches of ground cumin. Finally with 300 ml buttermilk and sour milk infuse (Yes, it flakes out, but that’s how it’s supposed to be.) In a soup plate with Greek yogurt and Chiliflocken garnish, that provides the kick. Enjoy the meal.

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