Sofi Oksanen's thriller about the egg cell business

She is waiting for a family with a dog and two children. A child is hers, biologically speaking. She just wants to look at it secretly. She wants to torment herself: everything could have been beautiful …

Then another woman from Ukraine appears in the park, Daria. The other child is hers, biologically speaking.

Fast forward to 2007 in Dnipro: Olenka and Daria work for an agency that procures egg cells. Olenka rises to a position of power, Daria is the best … donor. These operations are dangerous, but the chance of a better life is greater than: You shout at demonstrations for a little money without knowing what it is about.

Egg cells and surrogate mothers: There is still big business with them in Ukraine. Immediately after independence it was mafia-like. Sofi Oksanen brings together poverty and corruption in the east with wealth and greed in the west.

she analyses. She doesn’t overload (as in “Norma”). You hold your breath, less because of the thriller, more because of our world.

Sofi Oksanen:
“Dog park”
Translated by Angela Plöger.
Kiepenheuer & Witsch Verlag.
480 pages.
23,95 Euro

KURIER rating: ****

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