Djokovic will debut against rival of the classification

The Softball Association of the Santo Domingo province (Rosy), called the first meeting for the Leagues tournament in its 2021 version, which will be in November.

Alison Diaz, Its president indicated that the meeting will be on Thursday, October 14 at 7:00 pm in the meeting room of the La Familia league.

In the fair, endorsed by the Dominican Softball Federation (Fedosa), there will be a competition for the President’s Cup.

It will be in the Superior, Junior and Master categories for those over 45 years old and the champion teams will also receive RD $ 10,000.00 (ten thousand pesos with 00/100). A trophy will also be awarded to the Most Valuable Player in each category.

Asoprosado welcomes the provisions of the health authorities and therefore urged the delegates to transmit them to their players to avoid COVID-19

“We have relaxed the regulations in search of greater participation after the break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused a global stoppage in 2020,” said Díaz.

In that order, he announced that Asoprosado welcomes the latest provisions of the health authorities for which he urged the delegates to transmit them to their players to avoid sanctions for their violation “

Díaz indicated that from the meeting they will be in permanent session, receiving the rosters of the teams, until the next one, which will be on Thursday the 28th for the draw of the groups and the payment of the right to participate.

He advanced that as part of the regulations the legitimacy of the players in the province is established, regardless of their participation in tournaments of other associations; He also announced that the official balls are of the JMP brand and that each home club team is responsible for the balls of a match and must deliver five to the main referee at the start of the game.

As another measure proposed in the regulations is the prohibition of the Titanium bat, Timetal and / or any bat that is so scraped that it is impossible to identify its origin, both so-called clowns, by brand or by model.

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