Sol returns to sing with Lui and surprises Theo with an unusual attitude

		Sol returns to sing with Lui and surprises Theo with an unusual attitude
Photo: Reproduction/ TV Globo

Finally, Sol (Sheron Menezzes) gained the support of her family to do what she loves, dancing and singing, and manages to bend Wilma (Renata Sorrah) to return to be a backing vocalist for Lui Lorenzo’s (José Loreto) group.

In the episode that airs this Thursday (16), Sol returns to the stage and will be surprised by the presence of Theo (Emilio Dantas) in the audience, which leaves her disconcerted. But the night also reserves a surprise for the businessman.

It is Kate (Clara Moneke) who invites Theo to Lui’s show to finally introduce him to his aunt and friend Jeni (Bella Campos). Sol’s daughter is with her boyfriend Tatá (Gabriel Contente) in the audience, the businessman freezes when he discovers that Kate’s friends are known to Rafa (Caio Manhente), her son.

He remembers the day Jeni threw up on his foot at a little party in his apartment. To Kate’s disappointment, her senior cat warns them that they need to be in a more hidden place, so that no one sees them together there.

Theo is delighted with Sol. Alone, he does not resist and approaches the stage, until the dancer sees him in the middle of the audience. Frightened, Sol stops the choreography and ends up hurting her ankle, which makes everyone worried. Meanwhile, Fabio (José Carlos Machado) arrives at the venue.

Lui’s father is determined to win his son back and left Lumiar for Rio de Janeiro to try to get closer. He enthusiastically watches Lui’s presentation, but at the end of the show it is Wilma (Renata Sorrah) who receives him, with a mixture of enthusiasm and resentment for this reunion. Being at the theater makes Fabio and Wilma remember the times of the past.


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