Solange Gomes
Solange Gomes (Play/Playplus)

On the afternoon of this Wednesday (13th) the people Solange Gomes e Tati Breaks Shack prepared lunch in The Farm 13. While preparing the food, Gugu’s former bathtub decided to snipe the other participants. “Where are the people who said I only slept?”, snapped Solange, after being identified by Gui Araújo as a participant who spends most of her time sleeping.

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Solange Gomes discusses with Gui Araújo

During the formation of the fourth farm in The Farm 13 this Wednesday (12), the pawn Solange Gomes ended up arguing with Gui Araújo. After Gugu’s ex-bathtub muse declared her vote in Marina Ferrari , Bill fired and said that Solange is the “famous victim”.

“Marina’s words are very consistent. Solange is the famous victim, you can’t say anything to her, if you wake up in a bad mood, nothing can happen. If it goes straight to her, it’s because it’s thick. If you’re going to tell others, you’re being gossipy. So, people in here create some rules as if they were absolute truth, but it’s not. The truth is: everyone is having a role here and if Rico didn’t even put a role for lunch, she would wake up”, pointed out Gui.

Solange Gomes didn’t like Gui Araújo’s lines and snapped: “You stop being a liar and a bad character. Look, I wanted to make the piggy last week and you wouldn’t let me because I was hurt. This is pure truth and everyone saw it,” she said.

“It is true. He speaks from behind and has no attitude,” Rico said in Solange’s defense. The problem is, you can’t attack your friends and you have to attack someone you’re not close to. Love, that you grow up to be a woman, Brazil has known for a long time”, pointed Solange.

“Long time, my. And that you’re a liar and you play the victim, Brazil has known for a long time,” replied Gui: “I don’t play the victim because I run after my things alone,” replied Sol.

Gui Araujo fired

Then Gui Araújo said that Solange Gomes usually does not accept the criticism received because it is a game: “Here it is: people do not accept criticism and so in a game that it is to be judged. So, unfortunately, if you give your opinion, people don’t know how to listen to the criticisms and there’s no education. Your talk about relationships with women doesn’t affect me at all. You always use that argument and in my house there are seven women,” he said.

“So, in addition to the lack of education, there is this lack of commitment to the game, which doesn’t affect me at all either. The game is made to vote, be voted and be judged. As far as I’m concerned, he’s not going to do that kind of victimhood,” snapped Gui.

In the sequence, Solange mocked Gui and said she can’t see all this beauty in Anitta’s ex-boyfriend: “I’m not a victim, honey. I don’t need your good morning and I won’t say good morning to you. By the way, I’ve talked about you many times, I don’t see what people see in you of beauty. I don’t care about anything”, mocked.

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