Son (34) and mother (61) gagged and badly beaten at home jacking, but manage to contact police (Hoboken)

Four perpetrators committed a violent homejacking in the Hertog van Brabantlei in the Antwerp district of Hoboken. The Antwerp police rapid response team intervened on Friday morning and arrested two perpetrators. The other perpetrators are being tracked down. The two victims, a 61-year-old woman and her 34-year-old son, were taken to hospital for treatment.

The perpetrators are said to have already struck last night. “They gagged the two victims, a 61-year-old mother and her 34-year-old son,” confirms spokesman Sven Lommaert of the Antwerp police. The circumstances are still very unclear, but the victims managed to inform the Antwerp police around 10.30 am on Friday morning.

The Antwerp police rapid response team arrived at the scene for an intervention and raided the home. Two of the perpetrators tried to flee, but were arrested in the neighbour’s garden.

There is currently no trace of the other perpetrators. The police took into account that they would return to the house in the course of the morning, but that did not happen. They are further tracked down. The forensic lab came to the scene for trace evidence. The reason for the homejacking remains unclear for the time being, as well as whether any loot was taken. The victims were badly beaten and taken to hospital for treatment.

© Jan Van der Perre

© Jan Van der Perre


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