Sordid request, Image of the little girl ...

The trial of Nordahl Lelandais, accused of the murder of little Maëlys, opens on January 31. The former dog handler made a strange request to the prison chaplain (which was granted to him) and TF1 allegedly violated professional secrecy by broadcasting the last image of the little girl alive.

Nordahl Lelandais awaits the opening of his trial on January 31, in Grenoble. Accused of murder of little Maëlys, which had disappeared during a marriage on the night of August 26-27, 2017, before his body was found a few days later, the 38-year-old made a special request to the prison chaplain, according to Paris Match, who describes the former dog handler as a man “unable to feel guilty“. He asked meditate on the little girl’s grave… and this request was made to him granted. Remember that Nordahl Lelandais already had sentenced to twenty years of criminal imprisonment for the murder of Corporal Noyer, and has been imprisoned in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier prison, in Isère, since September 2017.

Maëlys’ father “expects nothing” from Nordahl Lelandais

the father of little Maëlys, Joachim de Araujo, who is separated from his wife, does not hope to find any appeasement in this trial. He said: “I expect nothing from Lelandais, but absolutely nothing. I don’t expect anything from this murderer, of this child killer, of this murderer“.

Joachim de Araujo added: “He will speak his truth, and in my opinion, that’s anything and everything. I don’t believe in accidental death or night walks to show dogs. I don’t believe in his version at all. AT three in the morning, you don’t take a child for a walk“. Nordahl Lelandais had assured that the little Maëlys had voluntarily climbed into her vehicle to see her dogs.

He is convinced that Nordahl Lelandais had kidnapped his daughter “for abuse her sexually“. “He knew very well what he was going to do. It was to kidnap Maëlys, subject him to the worst abuse and get rid of his body, as if it were a vulgar waste or garbage that was thrown on the side of the road. For me, he’s a monster. (…) He is a predator. He knew how to put her in confidence“, he lamented.

The “last living image of Maëlys” broadcast on TF1 … A violation of professional secrecy?

A few weeks before the opening of the trial of Nordahl Lelandais, TF1 broadcast “the very last image of Maëlys alive“on January 11 in his 8 PM newscast. On these several pictures taken from surveillance camera recordings, we could see the little girl in the back seat of a car driven by Nordahl Lelandais. Photos which were captured at the time of disappearance of Maëlys, at 2:47 am.

But the next day, the Grenoble prosecutor’s office opened an investigation for “breach of professional secrecy“. And for good reason, these pictures are”likely to come from the investigation procedure concerning the kidnapping, kidnapping and murder of young Maëlys“, according to the Attorney General of the Grenoble Court of Appeal.

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