Following the forward’s performance in Chile’s triumph over Paraguay, the press in his home country praises his participation and highlights how the player has changed since he put on the Red jersey.

The Ben Brereton craze also reached the English press, which filled him with praise.

Chilean National Team

© Agency OneThe Ben Brereton craze also reached the English press, which filled him with praise.

The “Breretonmanía” it’s not just a matter of Chile. It is that after his performance in the triumph of the Chilean team over Paraguay by South American Qualifiers For the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the English press also surrendered, filling him with praise.

The thing is after scoring his first goal in Playoffs (the previous one was in America’s Cup), the Blackburn Rovers forward also it was news in england, where they assure that there is a resounding change between Ben Brereton and Ben Brereton Díaz: “Defending Chile has given it superpowers”, they point at Planet Football.

Before the 22-year-old was called up for the 2021 Copa América, he had not reached a single figure in his various seasons as a professional footballer.. Now, however, it has done so in mid-October. And a second international goal during the weekend kept alive an unusual World Cup dream “, they analyze in the aforementioned media.

The press assures that another player has been noticed since he put on the Red shirt, one who has no doubts and fully trusts that things will turn out for him. “You score goals like this when you are so confident in your own abilities that you know what is happening even before you enter the field.. And after the last few months, it is difficult to argue against him when he comes in with such an approach, “they highlight.

This has raised their levels in every aspect, where their “Superpowers” They help him in every game he has to face.

“In 11 games this season, his shots per game count has doubled year over year from what was already a career high of 1.8 per game last year.. He has won a similar number of aerial duels, but has lost much more, targeting a striker who has less of a feeling that things are impossible … although sometimes they are, “they end.

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