Venezuela hopes to take advantage of the passing game against Chile.

South American Qualifiers

Juan Pablo Londoño, analyst for the Venezuelan national team, talks about how they see Chile in the coaching staff for the match in San Carlos de Apoquindo for the South American Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Chilean National Team

© Getty ImagesVenezuela hopes to take advantage of the passing game against Chile.

The Chilean team has practically one final in their match for the South American Qualifiers for the Qatar World Cup 2022 against Venezuela, who in the last place of the table must practically cling to a miracle to be able to participate for the first time in the important event.

The match against the Red in San Carlos de Apoquindo is also decisive for their cause and in the previous one of the commitment it was Juan Pablo Londoño, tactical analyst of the Vinotinto, spoke openly of what they expect. “You get what was the last triple date but you must also be very aware of what happened in these last two games because already there you drop two headlines that had been playing, who were from that ideal 11 of the Chilean team, “he said, referring to Paulo Díaz and Charles Aránguiz.

For the person in charge of this area by the Venezuelans, the stopped ball will be vital in the meeting. “We are going to start from a specific point, height. Chile has Maripán with 1.94, players like Pulgar, Vidal, Jiménez who are aggressive apart from being tall. Parts of a specific point are already there to give him key information regarding offense. . Defensively, in a corner against against they score in the zone, how they score it, that they don’t filter balls out there, that when you throw at the near post they get complicated “. He told La Pizarra del DT.

He also commented on generalities of his work, which is also being carried out minute by minute. “Live we have two softwares that help us create a button panel with match parameters, where we are already clicking and live we are already having that direct cut of the plays, where we can show them at halftime or at the end of the game “

Londoño confessed that from his position they are the ones who are attentive to possible plays that can be checked in the VAR for Venezuela. “Likewise, a play like the penalty that Eduard Bello was not whistled in the game against Ecuador, and we were already up to date and we are communicating by radio to the bank that it was a penalty, which they will seek to see, also offside plays, you are already communicating them, but also in terms of positioning, tactical work, we are communicating to the bank so that they can change the strategy during the game. “

Remember that in October you will be able to see the triple date of the South American Qualifiers, live and direct, full HD and free on Redgol (except for Argentina’s duels with Uruguay and Peru). You only have to enter from a device connected to the fixed internet or wifi, in national territory, to enjoy the best image and sound.

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