"Soyuz" with a new module "Prichal" installed at the start of Baikonur - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket with the Progress M-UM transport cargo vehicle and the Prichal nodal module was installed at the launch complex of site No. 31 (Vostok) of the Baikonur cosmodrome. According to Roskosmos, after the maintenance columns have been brought together and the carrier’s communications docked with the ground launch equipment, the specialists began work on the schedule of the first launch day.

Prichal will be another new module for the Russian segment of the ISS. Due to the mooring of transport systems, including promising ones, the technical and operational capabilities of the Russian segment will be increased. The “Prichal” itself will be docked to the nadir node of the “Science” module.

The “Berth” nodal module is a spherical sealed compartment with components located inside and outside it, ensuring the performance of its tasks. The starting mass of the node module is 4650 kg, the diameter of the spherical body is 3300 mm.

What opportunities will open up with the registration of the “Prichal” in orbit? Simultaneously docking to the nodal module of up to five manned spacecraft Soyuz MS and cargo Progress MS, re-docking of products equipped with a re-docking manipulator, providing and monitoring, together with the means of the ISS Russian segment, the necessary living conditions for the crew in the pressurized compartment of the Prichal nodal module, provision of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical reconfigurable interfaces and interfaces for gas exchange between products docked to the “Pryhal” nodal module, etc.

In addition, the module ship must also deliver about 700 kg of various cargoes to the ISS, including resource equipment and consumables, water treatment, medical control and sanitary and hygienic supplies, maintenance and repair facilities, as well as standard food rations for crew of the 66th main expedition.

The launch is scheduled for November 24, 2021 at 16:06 Moscow time.

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