Spanish authorities report controlled fire in Malaga |  News

The Forest Fire Extinguishing Service of Andalusia, Spain (Infoca) declared the Sierra Bermeja fire under control on Tuesday, declared last Wednesday in the province of Malaga and which has affected several municipalities, after razing 9,670 hectares and having collected the life of a forest firefighter.


Fire in Sierra Bermeja, Spain, remains uncontrolled

The Extinction Director of the Infoca Plan, Juan Sánchez, explained that once this Tuesday morning the fire has been controlled, we must continue working on the perimeter looking for hot spots.

In this sense, for several days the aerial means will continue to pour water in the most dangerous areas, for which there are about two or three weeks of work remaining, since there are hot spots.

In the liquidation plan there are five intervention groups of three checkpoints each and a fire truck, approximately one hundred people in two shifts, therefore there are two hundred people, it has had an impact.

Also the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno, has celebrated that the fire has been controlled thanks to the rain that has been falling for hours and has also praised the admirable work of the checkpoints.

Authorities believe it is a fire caused by human hands, which is under investigation.

However, as the Andalusian regional president recognizes, there is still a complex phase until its extinction, for which the zero level, of maximum alert, will remain active.

The improvement in the evolution of the work against the fire allowed since the night of this Monday the 1,366 residents of the municipalities of Jubrique, Faraján, Júzcar, Alpandeire and Pujerra, evicted last Sunday in a preventive way by the fire, could start the return to their homes.

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