Spanish police repress workers' demonstration in Cadiz |  News

The repression by the military and police forces of Spain against a strike by metalworkers escalated this Tuesday when police charges of an anti-riot device were produced against the strikers, it transcended from Cadiz, the epicenter of the protest.


Spanish metalworkers maintain unemployment due to better wages

The workers of the metal sector of Cádiz have been on an indefinite strike for eight days and a large demonstration with thousands of people has peacefully walked the streets of the capital of Cádiz.

Riot police have intervened to prevent some protesters, who have separated from the main group, from cutting off traffic on the Carranza bridge and charging at protesters, at the same time that a military tank was passing through the city.

In fact, the United We Can party asked the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande Marlaska, for an explanation for the deployment of a tank in the protests in Cádiz.

The Government delegate in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández Peñalver, has assured that the armored vehicle will only be used “in specific moments of a situation of maximum tension”, and has trusted that it will not have to be used on this day.

The Federation of Metal Unions of the General Central of Workers has asked society to support and participate in the mobilizations. For the Federation of metalworkers, this struggle of more than 20,000 workers is an example for the rest of the sectors.

The trade union center considers it essential that the negotiation comes to fruition and has a victorious end for the working class, since Cádiz is one of the areas that has suffered the most from job destruction in recent decades and it is vital that an agreement be reached worthy for the working class to stop losing purchasing power.

The meeting between the unions and the Federation of Metal Companies of Cádiz, the third since the start of the strike, has been closed without agreement early this Tuesday. The next appointment to try to agree on a new provincial collective agreement is postponed until this Wednesday.

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