Sealaba Luis de la Fuente at the end of the match against Slovakia last Friday that he would have liked to win with less suffering. Well said and done by their players. They were aware that the tension quota had been fulfilled days ago, North Ireland he had to pay for the broken dishes in The Cartuja. On one occasion they touched the area defended by Aguirrezabala throughout the first half, time that ended with a clear 2-0 lead for the hosts.

And is that the visiting team did not know where to drain the water from the initial whistle. Sergio Gmez hit twice before the break, but the truth is that the Irish were able to leave Sevilla with alarming excess baggage. Abel ruiz had four clear goal situations, Gaspar could score three, Rodri he also had his chance and even Turrientes I tried them from afar.

The boys of Luis de la Fuente came mainly from the left thanks to a Miranda that he had the whole lane to himself after putting his mistakes of the past week into oblivion. Career He also joined the attack on the right and in fact, in one of those incorporations one of his centers ended up in a visiting hand and a penalty for Espaa. Sergio Gmez no, sorry. Low, powerful and to the left of the goalkeeper.

The one with Anderlecht kept his week fantastic and after advancing the score, he wanted more. While his teammates lacked some precision in the final meters, he had too much. A long ball in the back of the Irish defense planted him before Webber, what little he could do. Sergio He defined the short suit without disheveled. Second for a national team that did not slow down.


Rodri generated constant superiorities inside thanks to his conductions and his precise passes, Francs he hurt with his game changes on the raises of Miranda, that of Olivares he searched again and again for danger from the baseline and only the lack of success of his teammates prevented him from leaving with the assists locker loaded.

North Ireland he found a team that was not willing to give facilities and did not want to play with the points. They are already 15 out of 15 and each time they are closer to the 23-24 points in which I encrypt Luis de la Fuente the leadership of the group and the move to European.

Spain enjoy and have fun

It was fun day in The Cartuja and so it was seen on the field of play. Although Espaa He went to the dressing room tunnel with his homework done, the truth is that after the restart he did not take his foot off the accelerator. There was a nice opportunity to build up numbers for the future of the qualifying phase and it had to be seized.

The script of the game did not change and it was now the turn to play in the other part of the field, in the area where an attack Espaa who increased his rent through Abel ruiz. The captain of the national team needed to make his debut in this qualifying phase after having had chances to do it in front of Slovakia and in the first minutes of the duel against North Ireland. He had brushed the goal and finally, with a powerful header, he sent a cross from Winner.

As much as North Ireland would populate the center of the field to cut the circulation of the ball, the Spanish quality was imposed on the green and the siege did not stop.

Thus, unlike last week, this time they did not forgive the rival goal and not a single error was awarded in their own due to the fact that the visitors were not allowed to come close to disturbing the team. Aguirrezabala. With Winner in the engine room, Sergio Gmez creating and defining and some bands capable of piercing any possible defensive approach, Espaa goes on his way and gets closer to Romania and Georgia.

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