Spectator hangs conditional for 4 months after massive crash

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The woman who caused a massive crash at the Tour de France last June by holding up a cardboard sign for her grandparents has been sentenced to four months in prison.

On Thursday, the criminal trial against the spectator started in Brest, France, who caused a massive fall in the peloton during the first stage of the previous Tour with a cardboard sign that read ‘Allez opi-omi’. The 31-year-old woman from northern Finistère was charged by the CPA cyclists’ union. The woman was charged with “endangering others” and “inflicting accidental injuries resulting in incapacity for work for up to three months”.

The deputy prosecutor told the Brest court on Thursday that the woman had “recognized the danger of her behavior” and had “expressed her regrets”. The verdict is expected on December 9.

About fifty riders were involved in the massive fall. Among others, the Spaniard Marc Soler and the German Tony Martin, who was the first to hit the board, suffered serious injuries.

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