Spencer: Amazon unveils Lady Di biopic trailer

With Kristen Stewart as the Princess of Wales.

A few weeks after its theatrical release across the Channel and in several other territories (for a small global box office of $ 14 million), Spencer will be released in France directly in streaming on Prime Video, on January 17th. And for the occasion, the Amazon platform today unveils a new trailer in French:

In Pablo Larraín’s film, Kristen Stewart stars as Princess Diana, while the rest of the cast are Sally Hawkins, Timothy Spall and Sean Harris. British actor Jack Farthing, best known for his role on the BBC’s Poldark series, plays Prince Charles.

The pitch: The marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles has long been tarnished. Although rumors of affair and divorce abound, peace is ordered for the Christmas festivities at the Queen’s Estate in Sandringham. There is to eat and drink, to shoot and to hunt. Diana knows the game. But this year things will be very different. Spencer is an illustration of what could have happened during those fateful few days.

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