Sports clubs will have to set up ethical referents

These will have the task of combating racist facts and comments and harassment in sports federations and clubs, but also to promote good governance, fair play, gender equality, etc.

The decree also establishes an “ethical network” made up of referents in each of the sports federations. Each club will also have to designate a “Vivons sport” delegate to ensure compliance with the proper application of sports ethics within it.

These delegates will be responsible in particular for verifying that all the administrative and sports executives within the clubs will be in possession of a type II certificate of good life and morals (intended for the support and supervision of minors ).

The text also requires sports federations / associations to integrate the Code of Sports Ethics into their regulations. Finally, the decree provides for the creation of an “Observatory of sports ethics”.

Its mission will be to deliver opinions, proposals and recommendations to the government and to maintain dialogue with the various players in the sector on questions of sports ethics.

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