Sports University: Jean Ferrari confirmed that Gregorio Pérez will undergo a second surgical intervention |  FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

In academic there is no talk of anything other than the health of Gregorio perez. The DT was admitted to a local clinic to undergo surgery, after severe chest discomfort that was related to a heart condition that was quickly treated by health professionals. However, this will not be the only action taken by doctors, as confirmed by Jean Ferrari.

“Yesterday, obviously, he entered the clinic and underwent a catheterization. The doctors told us that he will have a second operation after 48 hours. At the moment, it is stable. We are going to wait for this second intervention and we are going to hope that everything is fine “, said the manager at a press conference.

On the other hand, Jean Ferrari announced that academic will continue to closely monitor the recovery of Gregorio perez, highlighting that the priority is for him to fully recover so that he can continue to contribute all his wisdom and experience within one of the most popular and winning teams in Peruvian football.

“Here, what comes first is the state of health of all the people who make up the institution. We are waiting and waiting for what happens minute by minute because what we want is for him to be well, return to the football field and continue showing all his category and capacity as a person and coach that he is “added.

The University vs. Sport boys

This weekend, academic and Sport Boys had agreed to a preparation match as part of the preseason that both casts carry out with a view to the start of League 1. However, this was without effect, after the complicated moment of health that DT cream has to face, Gregorio perez.

After confirming the hospitalization of the Uruguayan strategist, it was the rosés who announced that the game was suspended, awaiting the speedy recovery of the renowned South American coach, who continues under strict medical evaluation.

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