'1899': 7 reasons to watch the new series from the creators of 'Dark'

‘1899′ is a series that since November 17 has been available on Netflix. The production has been created by the minds behind ‘Dark’, a popular series that caused a lot of sensation during its three seasons.

For this reason, although a few days have passed since the premiere of ‘1899′ There are probably already many people who have seen the series, but if this is not your case, here are seven reasons to take advantage of the weekend and watch it.

Why you should watch ‘1899′?

  • The story is suspenseful enough to keep you in your seat for the 60 minutes (approximately) that each episode lasts.
  • Each passenger hides great secrets and many of them are related to the ship that was lost and has just been found.
  • All the elements that appear are connected, especially if it has a pyramid or triangle image, since this symbol plays an important role in the series.
  • The series does not present you with time travel, but something that does happen is the appearance of different moments in the life of the main characters and that makes them doubt reality.
  • The series has six episodes, which have short titles and their names are closely related to the plot of the episode.
  • There are many characters and various stories behind them, so you will create an affinity with one of them.
  • The production has a very varied cast and also in the series vs. being able to listen to several languages.

Since when is ‘1899′ available?

‘1899’ is a science fiction series that has been on Netflix since November 17 and has generated a lot of expectations, since its creators are Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, the minds behind ‘Dark’, a German production that caused a lot of sensation.

What streaming is ‘1899′ available on?

The series has been available on Netflix since November 17, 2022. It is currently known that the production will have one season and the chances of having a second will depend on the acceptance of the public.

What is ‘1899’ about?

The series is about a group of people who are traveling on a ship to New York, the passengers come from different parts of Europe and their desire is to reach that place in order to start a new future.

Everything was going according to plan until they receive a mysterious message and that causes them to discover another migrant ship stranded in the open sea and at that moment their dreams turn into a terrible nightmare.

And it is that apparently this ship had been missing and finding it will change the route to reach its destination and also a trip that was going to be calm will become something very dangerous.

Trailer for ‘1899′

Cast of ‘1899′

  • Emily Beecham (Maura Franklin)
  • Andreas Pietschmann (Captain Eyk Larsen)
  • Maciej Musial (Olek)
  • Jonas Bloquet (Lucien)
  • Rosalie Craig (Virginia)
  • Clara Rosager (Tove)
  • Yann Gael (Jerome)
  • Mathilde Ollivier (Clemence)
  • Jose Pimentão (Ramiro)
  • Isabella Wei (Ling Yi)
  • Gabby Wong (Yuk Je)
  • Tino Mewes (Sebastian)
  • Isaac Dentler (Franz)
  • Chloe Heinrich (Nina)
  • Alexandra Gottschlich (Karina)
  • Joshua Seelenbinder (Eugen)
  • Niklas Maienschein (Wilhelm)


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