2022 World Cup: Senegal win against Qatar and relaunch in Group A (1-3)

Senegal did not fail against Qatar (1-3) after losing by a narrow margin against the Netherlands in the first match. Qatar did not manage to improve their situation despite a good second period and are practically eliminated.

In the first half hour, the stakes seemed to paralyze both teams. Senegal had the best actions. Diedhiou’s header got closer to the target (17′). Gueye did not find the target (24′).

The organizing country was scared with the failed exit of Barsham, the number 2 goalkeeper propelled holder, but that did not lead to consequence. After the half hour, Qatar should have benefited from a penalty but the referee did not penalize Sarr’s faulty push on Afif.

Shortly before half-time, Dia opened the scoring by taking advantage of a completely missed clearance from Khoukhi (0-1, 41st). At the rest of the locker room, Diedhiou widened the gap by exploiting a corner (0-2, 48th).

This second Senegalese goal had the gift of waking up the Qataris somewhat, who were slightly more enterprising at the offensive level. In the 60th minute, Hasan fired a powerful shot that went just wide of Mendy’s goal. The latter came out on top two minutes later by deflecting a ball in extremis with a corner kick. In the 65th, the Chelsea goalkeeper still released a reflex save in front of Mohammad.

This Qatari domination was to be rewarded with a goal. In the 77th minute, Muntari, who had just entered the game, was on the receiving end of a perfect cross from Mohammad and this time gave Mendy no chance. Qatar restarted the game with just over a quarter of an hour to play.

But hope was quickly dashed since in the 84th minute of play, Dieng, who had also just come into play, deceived the Qatari goalkeeper at close range following a fine collective action by the Senegalese. He thus allowed his team to take complete cover.

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