24 Hours of Le Mans: at the end of boredom, Toyota GR takes down Glickenhaus and Alpine

The Japanese manufacturer won for the 5th time in a row, again without competition.

It was good to be in Sarthe last week. With brilliant weather, summer temperatures and the lifting of all health restrictions, the 2022 24 Hours of Le Mans once again attracted large crowds. It was the first edition of the event not to live to the rhythm of the Covid since 2019. If many took the opportunity to sunbathe, for the sporting interest of victory in the general classification, we will come back.

This 2022 edition was indeed deeply boring, at least for the fight for the scratch victory. It is more than ever high time for this transition period in which the Le Mans event has been entangled since 2018 and Porsche’s withdrawal from LMP1 to end. It’s high time for Peugeot, Porsche, Ferrari, Cadillac and eventually BMW and Acura to step up to give Toyota a boost. More than ever, the manufacturer found itself alone in the world. Much too early and from the first hours of the race. Despite the dodger reigning in France during the week which would have suggested that the sophisticated GR010 hybrids were going to suffer, the mechanics held firm in the Japanese clan. It too quickly appeared that the firm of Aichi was going to succeed itself. It remains to be seen which of n°7 or n°8 was going to have the last word on Sunday at 4 p.m.

In 2021, the n°8 had lost the race on the first lap following a glitch. This time, the grain of sand slipped into the gears of the n°7 which was announced in slow motion at breakfast time and lost a lap. Mass was said for Mike Conway, Kamui Kobayashi and José Maria Lopez who were never going to completely catch up. Bib having allowed Toyota to sign its first success in 2018, the number 8 was again the number to bet on for the men of Pascal Vasselon, which was also the case in 2019 and 2020.

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