26-year-old Belgian tries to trick his parents by sending them a fake university bill: he ends up in court

This is a case that is surprising to say the least, relayed by our colleagues from Het Laatste Nieuws. A 26-year-old man from Ghent had to appear before the criminal court for computer fraud.

The young man actually deceived his parents to get them to pay the 900 euros of university fees. Except that he had actually stopped his studies.

In court, the Ghent explained that the coronavirus crisis had had a big impact on him, given that his main income came from work in the restaurant industry. Faced with this delicate financial situation, and since his parents only agreed to pay him the money for the registration fees for his studies, he imagined a false invoice from the university, in which he took care of change the institution’s account number to their own. Except that his parents quickly noticed the scheme…

The young man, therefore tried for computer fraud, admitted his stupidity and asked the judges for leniency, claiming to have since found some professional and financial stability.

According HLN, given that his criminal record is clean, he should only receive community service. The final verdict is expected on July 6.

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