A customs police dog eats part of the 25 kilos of cannabis seized, the dealer is not imprisoned

This crazy situation happened in the south-west of France, near Toulouse. On March 17, an operation was carried out by the Anti-Narcotics Office (OFAST) and customs, avenue du PradiƩ in the pink city, specifies a colleague from The Dispatch.

After a few minutes of inspection, the dog of one of the customs officers detects an odor in a box. Jackpot for law enforcement, the garage contains a 25.5 kilo package of cannabis resin. Following research, the owner of the resin is identified.

He is a 29-year-old man from western Toulouse. The destiny of the multi-recidivist offender seems to be headed straight for a prison establishment. Except that at the time of the trial, the trafficker’s lawyer observes an anomaly in the weighing of the package. The customs dog would have passed by.

This element of the file invalidates the weighing of the goods and therefore a large part of the evidence. The lawyer’s client will finally emerge free from the trial. The case is not over because the prosecution will appeal its decision.

As for the police dog, no news has been given on his condition.

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