A dangerous new challenge is all the rage on TikTok in the heat wave: schools are sounding the alarm

The TikTok social network is full of challenges, each more stupid and dangerous than the next. The latest takes place in a class and aims to make the teacher look like an idiot. More and more videos are circulating where we see a student telling the teacher that it is very hot, and then all the students pretend to pass out.

Funny or not, this challenge disrupts the smooth running of classes and Stella Matutina College in Lede, East Flanders, has sent a letter asking students to put an end to this practice. “Last week, we noticed that two videos shot within the school were shared on TikTok. We then sent a letter to parents and students to remind them that the internal rules do not allow photos or videos without the permission of the persons concerned. This is an invasion of privacy”explains Rein Bogaert, the deputy director of the establishment, to our colleagues from the Laatste Nieuws. Students who do not obey the rules will be punished.”

In its letter, the school also warns of a significantly more dangerous challenge. This is the “black-out challenge”. The goal of the “game” is to induce a state of euphoria by being on the verge of fainting. The challenge prompts children to restrict their breathing, triggering a rush of adrenaline. At least four deaths have been recorded worldwide as a result of this practice.

On Wednesday, an 11-year-old Dutch girl was unconscious for 40 minutes after completing this challenge. In the UK, a 12-year-old boy has been in the news for weeks as he has been in a coma since April after taking part in this challenge. In Belgium, no accident has yet been recorded and schools are multiplying prevention messages to avoid any similar tragedy.

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