A dog goes viral for starting to 'sing' when listening to a Star Wars song

Through the social mediaa curious video was shared starring a dog that “sings” with music from starwars. In the clip, the dog can be heard playing a fragment of ‘Binary Sunset’, a piece that John Williams composed for the intergalactic saga in 1977.

It was his owner who managed to capture the talent of his pet “Ozzy”, a chihuahua who has been singing Star Wars songs since he was a year old.

In the video, you can see how the pet is in a chair next to a cell phone that plays the melody. Then, Ozzy begins to howl to the rhythm of the musical piece. The sounds that the puppy makes are similar to the different sounds that it hears on the computer.

to watch the video on YouTube.

It should be noted that the video has not taken long to go viral and users, especially Star Wars fans, have not stopped praising the dog’s talent.

On Reddit, where the clip was published, one of the users baptized the animal “Ozzy-Wan Kenobi”, in reference to the remembered Jedi Master from Star Wars.

What does Star Wars mean in Spanish?

according to website the translator of starwarswhich literally means ‘star wars’, thought the word ‘star‘ alluded to movie stars and thought it more appropriate, more science fiction, to translate the film into Star Wars instead of Star Wars.

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