A Fazenda 14: Babi analyzes opponents, releases the verb and points out inconsistency in Pétala's game: "Her game is on top of men"

Barbara Borges and Iran Malfitano took advantage of the morning of this Friday (25) to talk in The Farm 14🇧🇷 The actor recalled the clash with Petal Barreiros, who attacked him after the pawn’s speech about rape. According to the actress, the influencer is inconsistent and uses a strategy to put men in the crosshairs within the reality show.

Iran explained himself. “What did I say? ‘I’m sorry, I was unhappy with my sentence’. But it wasn’t taken forward as my sentence was. If you say something stupid to me, I say: ‘Oh, Babi, don’t say that’s because it’s wrong’. […] It’s different from talking nonsense, shrugging, playing the f*ck and touching the boat”it started.

Barbarian agreed with the friend. “That’s why there are many inconsistencies. When Deolane, who is a friend of hers, made all those horrible curses that everyone saw towards Deborah and Pétala justifies that it is ‘Deolane’s culture’, ‘Deolane’s way of speaking’, she’s minimizing who she wants and maximizing her mistake. It’s what suits her. Her ‘culture’ [Deolane] justifies and minimizes, and, in your case, maximizes and attacks. And then it starts to call into question his character as a man. This is an absurd aggression, a man who speaks a sentence like that and does not recant “he responded.

Babi mentioned when Iran commented that he had cheated on his wife. “Deleted, no. That’s what suits you. She hides it in her speech to attack you and then, as the game progresses, she brings up another point of hers that has nothing to do with the game to put in doubt your character, so that your intimate life, who you are out there, is put in the game as if you were a bad character, disloyal. It’s complicated. And the whole time I see that her game is on top of that , on top of the man. And then she goes to the women who don’t agree with her”scored.

The actress recalled the case involving shay🇧🇷 “In Shay’s case, she was trying to point out that Shay was a pervert, a harasser. She called it: ‘disgusting pervert, psychopath.’ caratismo’ of disloyalty, of saying that phrase – which is really strong – and a betrayal that has nothing to do with the game. But that’s what her game is, to point it out. Because I think it has to do with what she does out there, what Alex said, which is talking to women, because I think that, in her life, she had that. I, in fact, can’t say absolutely nothing. I don’t know who these people are out there” , said.

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