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Lawyer said she was outraged by behavior of former ally

A Fazenda: Deolane claims he wants to attack André to 'learn to be a man'
🇧🇷 Images 1 and 2 – Reproduction/Record TV!A Fazenda: Deolane claims he wants to attack André to ‘learn to be a man’

In The Farm 14the output of André Marinho of the so-called ‘Group A’ is still the main subject of headquarters. After the singer stated that there would now be a ‘Group C’, formed by him and his friend, Iran Malfatino🇧🇷 Deolane Bezerra she was indignant at the friendship.

During the last party, which took place this Friday (11/18), the digital influencer was talking to Moranguinho and revealed her desire to ‘slap’ the former ally: “Friend, he’s a man, but the desire to knead, to punch in the face, a punch. I swear to God. I don’t care, man, but I want to slap you in the face and say: ‘Learn to be a man, bum*”.

Moranguinho, with whom André had a direct clash after the last garden, when the model did not save him in ‘Resta Um’, agreed with her friend, revealing that she had the same desire: “Me too. I want to kick ass. punch“, shot.

Deolane continued the outburst, revealing to be quite affected by the situation: “Willingness to beat the shit out of you, bum*, coward. I’m outraged, what a rogue guy. Trickster, that’s the word for him🇧🇷 Moranguinho continued his support, stating that the current situation has always been André’s desire: “And he wanted to see it through to the end, right? He wanted to get everyone out and Iran staying. Go take it in the r*bo, boy🇧🇷

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