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Yesterday (Thursday, 24th), Kerline left A Fazenda 14 with 23.18% of the votes; Strawberry had 37.37% and Babi 39.45%

Photos: Playback/TV Record
Photos: Playback/TV Record

This last Thursday (24), keline was deleted from The Farm 14 and left the program with 23.18% of votes. Ellen Cardoso (Moranguinho), indicated in several polls as the favorite to leave, had 37.37%While Babi 39.45%🇧🇷 After the result, the singer Naldo used the Instagram to alert the wife about the speech of Adriane Galisteu🇧🇷

“Thanks to everyone who voted, my love is back. And that’s what I’m going to talk about. I will post a video of Galisteu giving a gift from God to Ellen”began the funk singer. “I’ve been talking a lot about the dirty game, the betrayal game that even today Ellen doesn’t know about. And that worries me, because there may come a time when Ellen is tripped.”🇧🇷

“Be cheated by the participants themselves. I believe that this message that Adriane gave was just for Ellen to connect. Hope she hooked up! I’m asking God, completed. It’s not today Naldo has shown concern about the A group🇧🇷 The artist has been talking about it for weeks, but Ellen remains closed with the team of Deolane🇧🇷

What did Galisteu say?

In fact, Adriane Galisteu sent a very direct message to Small strawberry🇧🇷 “When we try too hard to give the best of ourselves to others, it is also important to keep a question in mind: are others willing to do the same for us? It is important to give strength to those who need it, but without forgetting that sometimes we are the ones who need strength.”🇧🇷

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