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Carol Santos, on her Instagram, displayed some offensive messages against her family

Photos: Instagram/Carol Santos
Photos: Instagram/Carol Santos

Last week, Skin burst into tears after falling out with Deolane in The Farm 14🇧🇷 The musician was moved to tears when commenting on a difficult period in his life, when he was kicked out of his house and starved. At just 15 years old, the rapper had to resort to trafficking to feed himself. Afterwards, he began to be present in rhyme battles, where he was successful.

“This is not a merit for me (trafficking). Do you know why I went through this in my life? Because I got kicked out of my house when I was 15. I slept on the street and was hungry. I had to do that because I was hungry. Before I was here, I wasn’t performing. I didn’t have any money. I had to ‘run’ for my son to eat”vented the rapper.

Pelé’s wife exposes threats on Instagram

Carol Santoswife of Skinused the Instagram to reveal some offensive messages and even death threats: “I don’t have a day of peace”he wrote. “You’re going to die, you motherfucker. Before, you’re going to see your son with the black son of a bitch* die. You and your son are going to die”said one of the messages. “Yeah, prepare the look for the funeral”warned another.

to the website Splash-UOLthe influencer had already commented on her husband’s life, who gained prominence in the group 1 kilo🇧🇷 “He had a humble childhood. His father abandoned him. My mother-in-law was a single mother and had to work a lot. So he was in the care of his grandmother and uncles. As a teenager, when he already lived with his mother, they had a fight and he went to the street”🇧🇷

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