A game area on industry jobs in Dinant

In order to promote trades in the industry, trainers from the Forem training center in Dinant have just developed an escape game. This new approach to raising awareness of the professions of electromechanic and production operator will now take place during “Tuesdays of the Future”, active and interactive days which allow participants to discover sectors and professions in short supply, organized at the centre. In addition to quickly revealing affinities with the sector, it highlights the skills essential to exercise these professions.

The escape game “Mission 350, objective industry” takes place within a mini-factory which allows training in working conditions very close to professional reality. The objective is to become familiar with the sector and to highlight the skills that will have to be mobilized during the training and then, later, within the company. These include, for example, observation, methodology, teamwork and communication.

This escape game makes it possible to energize even more the “Tuesday of the future”, organized monthly in Dinant, and to generate interactions more easily within the group of future trainees. This initiates exchanges with the trainers even before starting the training.

The trades of production operators and electromechanics are in high demand for labor from companies. During the first three quarters of 2022, Forem published job offers for 3,846 electromechanical positions and 5,503 production operator positions. About a thousand of these job opportunities concern the province of Namur.

Currently, 5,885 people are looking for a job in the district of Dinant and 26,986 in the Province of Namur.

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