Julián Álvarez and his last weeks with the River shirt.  (Photo: Fotobaires)

With Julián Álvarez playing his last games with the Millionaire shirt, River works against the clock to find his next nine, and the names that are being handled show that Marcelo Gallardo’s team is looking to break the market. It is that the priority one is the Uruguayan Luis Suárez and behind the names of the Colombians Miguel Borja and Diego Valoyes appear.

And if it comes to talking about goals Oscar Pinino More is an authorized word. The former striker, a historic member of the Núñez club, gave his opinion on who should be the replacement for Araña Álvarez in the Super Deportivo Radio program, broadcast by Villa Trinidad radio in Santa Fe. And he left several titles.

“I found out that they want Luis Suárez. He is a great scorer, but here the important thing is age, that is Suárez’s theme“Pipino started without mincing words.

Julián Álvarez and his last weeks with the River shirt. (Photo: Fotobaires)

To his statements, he added a curious comparison between the Uruguayan scorer and Lucas Beltrán, a striker who is on loan at Colón and who could seal his return in the next few hours. “If they would give me the possibility to choose between Luis Suárez and Beltrán, I prefer Beltrán, obviously. I love it, I prefer him, “she launched.

In the same way, it does not look much like me, because Oscar Pinino But there is only one. I scored 30 goals per season”, closed the former striker of the Núñez team who with these statements was in charge of putting Beltrán at the height of the “Pistolero”, the great dream of Gallardo and company at this time

In addition, the former two-time champion footballer with River in 1975 was also in charge of leaving some controversial words regarding one of the team’s benchmarks. “Here in River, regarding age, we love him, we love him, We applaud Enzo Pérez, but he is already on his last legs“.

Enzo Pérez, another of those targeted by Pinino Más. Photo: AFP

Enzo Pérez, another of those targeted by Pinino Más. Photo: AFP

In any case, Pinino was encouraged to apply for the midfielder from Mendoza, who is already 36 years old, as one of the applicants for the Millionaire’s bank for the day that Gallardo ceases to be the DT. “We love him. What’s more, when Gallardo leaves, I would like Enzo Pérez to go as Marcelo’s successor,” he added.

And to close the ex-soccer player, who played in the 1966 World Cup and was a two-time champion with Real Madrid, spoke of the other Enzo who defends the colors of River, Fernández.

The midfielder is experiencing the best moment of his career and Más assured that his level is already that of the National Team. “Enzo Fernández has to go to the World Cup because he’s a motherfucking player. They have to quote him because he deserves it, “she closed.

Oscar Pinino More. Photo: River Museum

Oscar Pinino More. Photo: River Museum

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