A man goes viral for communicating with sea lions and making them return to the sea

In TikTok, the impressive video starring a man from Chile who was caught “talking” with several sea lions in the middle of public roads went viral. According to the person responsible for the clip, the scene was captured near the Antofagasta Fishing Terminal.

The animals, as can be seen in the images, had stopped vehicular traffic. Realizing this, the “hero” approached the place and “conversed” with the lions. Surprisingly, he managed to get them back into the sea.

“It was not Tarzan, it was not Noah, it is the Chilean Aquaman, better known as Luisito Samoa,” joked Alex Matatán, a user who broadcast the footage.

The video, titled on TikTok as “The story of a great”, has more than 5 million views and more than 800 thousand “likes”.

After going viral, the incident unleashed all kinds of reactions, the majority being admiration for the subject who has been nicknamed the “Chilean Aquaman”.

“Great way to protect marine fauna… applause for him who took the time to protect them”; “He is not Aquaman nor does he have superpowers, he took the time to befriend the sea lions. I take my hat off to this boy”; “someone always comes out of nowhere with a patient attitude, thanks for your time with those beautiful animals, learn”; were some of the reactions generated by the publication.

What characteristics does the sea lion have?

Along with the seals, they comprise the family Otariidae; Fur seals are characterized by visible ears, long front flippers, the ability to walk on all fours, short thick fur, and a large chest, the website states. .

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